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I specialize in designing and prototyping data‑heavy apps and websites.

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I've worked with over 50 amazing organizations. Below are some projects I'm proud of.


UX/UI design and user research for a new product for monitoring antibiotic resistance

Resistomap is a startup building a novel tool for monitoring antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance is a growing concern, projected to cause as many as 10 million deaths annually by 2050. I helped in interviewing customers and potential users to dig out the actual user needs for the tool.

I designed both high-level decision-maker views and updating designs for data analysis views for experts. Finally, I unified the visual styles to match the new branding of Resistomap by creating a minimal design system for them.

Profile of Windi Muziasari
Windi Muziasari
CEO and Founder of Resistomap
Janne's user research helped clarify our strategy, and his UI design laid a solid foundation for our development team. We were impressed with his ideas and working with him was a pleasure.
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Design and development of a completely new way to create brand and product design automatically using AI

Duotone is an automated design tool I'm building with two goals. First, simplifying the creation of minimal brand designs for startups; second, automating and streamlining the transition of designs into production.

A few years back I created a demo of an automated design tool, called UIBot. I was surprised by the visibility it got, with thousands of retweets and hundreds of thousands views. Duotone is an extension of this work.

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Initial concept design as well as UX and UI design for a new easy-to-use business planning software

Talgraf, a business planning software company, wanted to create a completely new all-in-one platform for business planning with a modern user interface and intuitive setup. Based on a visual design by Toni Hukkanen, I created initial user interface concepts for the product. This was a brief project, spanning just five working days.

Profile of Toni Kemppinen
Toni Kemppinen
CEO of Talgraf
Janne translated quickly and efficiently our ideas and visual design to a solid user interface. We were extremely happy with the project!
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Upright Project

UX and UI design for a net impact dashboard

Upright Project has created an AI based model for evaluating the positive and negative influences of companies, products, and investment portfolios on society. They have a web based interface for analyzing these impacts.

I helped at adding clarity to their visualizations and in improving their navigation structures, as well as improving the net impact visualization that is at core of how the net impacts are communicated. As part of the project, also other parts on their website and in their tool was improved and clarified.

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Robocorp Automation Studio

Concepting, UX/UI design and user research for a ground‑breaking low‑code process automation development tool

Robocorp is a process automation software startup that aims to transform the way enterprises do automation of laboursome office tasks. They wanted to create an easy-to-use low-code automation tool to complement their Python based tools, requiring the ability to understand and write code.

I concepted and designed Automation Studio at Robocorp, a novel way of doing automations that allowed the user to view the same automations in both code and visually as draggable blocks. In total the project took one and a half years.

Profile of Antti Karjalainen
Antti Karjalainen
CEO and Founder of Robocorp
Janne did great work on Automation Studio from concept to implementation. I couldn’t be happier with his teamwork, and his can-do attitude!
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Ōura Cloud

UX and UI Design and development of a web dashboard for Ōura, a leading fitness ring manufacturer

Ōura is the creator of a unique fitness ring that measures sleep and activity of its user, used by millions of people. Ōura wanted to create a web based dashboard for advanced users to be able to compare and analyze their data in detail.

The project was an intensive ten-day sprint in which the aim was to both design the interface of the web dashboard and to implement the first version of it in React. I was responsible for designing of the dashboard and implementing it together with Teemu Kurppa.

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Magicbox AI

UX and UI design for a novel AI platform

Magicbox AI, a startup developing a new machine learning platform for gaming industry, wanted to create an easy-to-use tool for running campaigns that can be used by product managers and marketers. The project was in total about two weeks of work, and included main UI design, onboarding design, a simple front-end prototype, as well as feedback for developers on the implementation.

Profile of Alex Arias
Alex Arias
Founder of Magicbox AI
Janne did absolutely amazing work. Working with him was everything you could ask for in a design project!
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Corporater Platform

UX/UI Design and user research for a major redesign of a leading performance management platform

Corporater, based in Stavanger in Norway, is among the fastest growing companies in performance management with over a hundred thousand end-users. They were in the process of creating a new version of their platform and needed a UI that feels modern, matches the user needs and works responsively on devices of all sizes.

In the project, I had the main responsibility for the UX design, as well as did user interviews and explored interface concepts together with the product owner and the rest of the team. I finalized the UI design in collaboration with Viljami Salminen. In total, the project took one and a half years.

Profile of Marko Sundic
Marko Sundic
CTO of Corporater
We have received positive feedback from our clients and are very satisfied with the new designs!
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Reaktor Kannattaako Kauppa

Design and development of an apartment price visualization to promote the Reaktor AI team

Reaktor, possibly the most successful Finnish digital product consultancy, wanted to create a web site that lists apartment prices in all the post codes of Finland. The aim of the project was to promote the AI team of Reaktor.

In a quick and smooth iteration, we specified the goals, messaging and concept together with the Reaktor AI team. After that, I designed the app and built the front-end for it. The project got very good visibility, with major newspapers and tabloids writing articles about the website and with hundreds of simultaneous visitors on the site.

Profile of Janne Sinkkonen
Janne Sinkkonen
Senior Data Scientist at Reaktor
After we crunched the numbers, Janne A. took the lead and guided the project from concept to completion. We're very pleased with the outcome!
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Statistics Service for Migri

Design and development of a statistics web site for the Finnish Immigration Service

The Finnish Immigration Service wanted to create a web site for exploring immigration related statistics to replace their current PDF-based publishing workflow. Together with Lucify, a Helsinki-based data visualization consultancy, we created a single-page web app for exploring the multi-dimensional statistics. The implementation is fully dynamic, where the UI updates almost instantly based on the user's selections and filters. I was responsible for the design of the web app and I participated in the front-end implementation.

Profile of Ville Saarinen
Ville Saarinen
Co‑Founder of Lucify
Janne was able to quickly grasp the goals, create multiple design concepts, and implement them in the codebase. He bridges the designer-developer gap very effectively and is a delight to work with!
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FNA Correlations

New product design and user research for FNA, a market leader in analyzing graphs of financial transaction data

I started working with Financial Network Analytics (FNA) when they only had a simple prototype and no real user interface. The aim of the initial project was to create interfaces for the applications that look professional and are easy to use, but provide a wide range of advanced analytics tools.

The new designs got excellent feedback from both customers and investors, enabled FNA to become one of the leading risk analytics companies for central banks, and helped in securing investor interest and financing.

The collaboration started with a five-day UI re-design project. FNA was satisfied with the results of the initial project and decided to continue with collaboration. Over five years I designed the user interface for all of the web-based applications of FNA.

Profile of Kimmo Soramäki
Kimmo Soramäki
CEO and Founder of FNA
Janne is a rare talent who understands data, design, and development. His work with us began when we had barely a prototype, and it was invaluable in establishing the foundations for our products.
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Valota Salesforce

Design and development of Salesforce visualization for Valota, a digital signage startup

I designed the dashboard views, created visual designs for these views, and implemented the dashboards responsively. Content for the complex animations and visualizations was fully dynamic. The visualizations can be displayed on devices ranging from mobile phones to 60 inch digital signage displays. The visual designs were based on a visual design by Georgia Panagiotidou.

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Design and development of a building visibility visualization tool for urban planning

Tensorcity is a tool for visualizing building visibility, built for urban planners and decision-markers. I created the UI design for the app and we implemented the prototype together with Jonne Davidsson from Pointscale. For the implementation, we were able to use WebGL model of the buildings in Helsinki in an innovative manner. The project was funded by the City of Helsinki.

Profile of Jonne Davidsson
Jonne Davidsson
CEO of Pointscale
Working with Janne was an absolute joy! On a tight schedule, we managed to develop a prototype that is easy to use and introduces capabilities not found even in commercial tools!
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One Nixu

New product UX/UI design and user research for Nixu, the largest information security company in the Nordics

Nixu wanted to create a dashboard for their customers for monitoring risks and managing security processes. I participated in clarifying the aims of the project and considering how to visualize and communicate the abstract risk management model that Nixu was using. After that, I was responsible for processing the concept into wireframes and crafting the visual design for the dashboard.

Profile of Pekka Sillanpää
Pekka Sillanpää
CTO of Nixu
We were really happy with the results as well as the ability to come up with practical and clever ideas, and the whole way he works! I can highly recommend him for any UX design related needs.
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I think a lot of people see simplicity as the lack of clutter. And that's not the case at all. True simplicity is, well, you just keep on going and going until you get to the point where you go, 'Yeah, well, of course.' Where there's no rational alternative.

— Jonathan Ive

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and
adding the meaningful.

— John Maeda

Types of services

My projects are always tailored to customer needs. The work can be fixed period, or may be a long term design assistance with a flexible load of 1-2 days per week.

User Interviews and Usability Evaluation

User and Customer experience interviews. Gathering customer requirements and understanding of customer workflows to get insights and define UX/UI strategy.

Concept and Design

Improving existing user interface or defining a new one. Involves heuristic evaluation, UI/UX design, testing the interface on users and a plan on what to improve in the interface and next steps for refining the interface.

Data Visualization

Visualization of data sets and presenting them in interactive form. Implementation can be for example D3.js based, use HTML or WebGL. Data can be in CSV/Excel format, a model in R, or content that is scraped off the web.

Creative Coding

Combination of UI design, front end, and back end development. Quick prototypes of the main views of a service. The prototypes can be used for interface exploration, as means of communication or for user testing.

Custom Services

Interested in something that does not fit in a box? Be in contact and we can see if it is something I could help you with! I like solving hard problems that combine design, front end development, analytics and business understanding.

Among other things, I have experience in front end development, mobile web, front end testing, user testing services, AB testing setup, growth hacking, displaying graphs and charts, machine learning, designing flows in web services and interactive maps.

I'd love to hear about what you are building and tell you about the work I do in more detail over a coffee ☕️ or in a call ☎️!